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    [Extract from the TIS report]

    Access to Housing Outcome

    'Delegates agree that landlords should have an obligation to make allocations policies clear and easy to understand but this does not mean that applicants will always be able to understand the system. Quite often current tenants understand the allocations system because they have been rehoused using it but it is harder for applicants to understand the processes being used.

    Delegates feel the use of the word “tenure” is not plain English and again that applicants would not understand this term.

    Delegates believe that the temporary accommodation outcome should be included in the homelessness outcome not in the access to housing outcome.

    Delegates note that the Scottish Government have made no mention of financial resources required to meet housing need or how the impact of cuts in development funding will impact on social landlords’ abilities to meet that need.'

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division (admin) - 9/03/2011
    Tagged as: access to housing

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    [Submitted by Cait Ni Cadlaig by email]


    It seems to be reasonable fair in most situations I have knowledge of. (I was previously an advisor at the Rights Office) The main issue was in gaining access via the application form. People needed help to fill it out and gather the required paperwork if considered to be in priority need .

    The one area that there seems to be no information on is where a person for work or family reasons needs to move to England or Wales (i.e. families of service people -mothers or fathers not partners) I was recently told that there is no help or advice available when I enquired for someone (Cockburn St.)

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division (admin) - 3/03/2011
    Tagged as: access to housing

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