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    houseing that is of a high quality build with a good infastructure of community resorces is crittical. homes that are energy effisiant and continue to be so that are well maintained and structurly sollidwith plenty ventalation and are free of damp rott and condensation

    anti soucial behaviour neads to have toughfer and quicker resalutions to avoid the deteriation of the victoms health and life quality giveing better and stronger support through out the full prosses and beyond.

    houseing services and management that communicates well with tennants in a way that both partys are able to work together should be developed from the start of tennancey with tennants haveing plenty and choice of oppertunity to have say and develop the services thay recive both localy and as an organisation.the areas should be clean tidey and maintained to a high standerd and assesments made by both tennants and staff and maintained to the leval agreed with tennants at a walk abought,communitys should be safe and freindly and free of discrimanation and this should be well managed to a standard that meets the regulations and customers expectations.

    houseing allocation should be of choice base with a 6 month extndebal probation period which can be re asighned if nessesary with consultation with external factors to implament a safe gaurd for both partys and the sustainabilaty of the community, to allow allocations to be made there shoul be a better system of salecting the tennant allocated to a property from the choice based system to allow the tennancey and community to be sustainable and a safe and secure and mostly happy enviroment for people to live so that a community is a place where people can live comfertable with out creating gehcos all new tennances during the probnatioon period should have support or assistance to establish a tennancey durring this time as quite a number of new tennanceys are on tight budgets more should be done across the board to support this period to establish tennanceys and should be avalible prior to entaring the property to ensure the tennancey starts on a sustanable footing.

    good value for money is a must where transparancey is a key factor and shown in plain terms and the services that are beeing payed for meet the customers expectations to which the customer should have input and be able to feedback on.

    homeless should have the same standard of tempary acommodation as perminant tennanceys and the same choices with a good transitional period to allow the change from temparary accomodation to permanant home and they should be ennuf time for them to establish there perminant home with general basic neads facilatys to beable to sustain the new tennancey (ie furnish and carpet) houseing officers should always identifie when signing a new tennant up ensure thay are able to get this in place or give support to do this its all to quick at the molment that tennances start and thay have to move in with out resorces which causes hardship and strain on the extended community.

    repairs and mantanance should always be of good quality with well trained and experianced staff and traidsmen with good knollage of all resorces and knollage f the homes thay work in and the tennancey neads.

    support neads to be more esaly avalible and less difficult to obtain young tennants should be assigned tennancey support automaticaly to establish there homes from before beeing allocated this hellping to sustain there tennancey but lead a more independant life and fit in to the community and get a good relationship with the community this also may nead to be ongoing for people who are vulnerable so should not be time limmeted.

    all houseing providers should be transparent to the customer and the regulators in all areas tennants should have good resorces to be able to asses the houseing services in all areas and be able to see where there rent money is beeing spent

    From 9/05/2011
    Tagged as: value for money, communication, housing quality, anti-social behaviour

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    [Extract from the TIS report]

    Communication Outcome

    'Delegates are not keen on the use of the word “content”. They think it should be changed to satisfied. They feel that the use of the word “content” suggests that landlords are not providing high quality, excellent services but only adequate mediocre services.'

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division (admin) - 9/03/2011
    Tagged as: communication

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    [Submitted by Cait Ni Cadlaig by email]


    Tenants are not always able to contact staff about concerns or advice. It is impossible when they have been bullying you because of asking for what the law says you are entitled.

    Bullies by their nature do it in 'secret' so it is impossible to get any redress as evidence is needed.

    Disabled people and elderly people I have spoken to all echo similar lack of choice and no flexibility because of their frailness or disabilities. Indeed in many cases people are either ignored or told it is not possible to have what is asked for.

    So in many cases there is no real ease of communication. There is an authoritarian attitude of them and us. It’s patronising to say the least.

    The elderly and disabled have many needs and there needs to be an effective way for them to obtain information without feeling they are in the wrong for 'inconveniencing' the officers they are asking.

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division (admin) - 3/03/2011
    Tagged as: communication

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