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    Under Stakeholders suggestions our Tenants Association (Glenburn Tenants and Residents) have the following comments

    Customer Participation - it was felt that more responsibility should be give to Tenants and Residents Association, same as roles and responsibilities etc that are given to Community Councils, after all Tenants Associations represent the residents in their area.

    Communication - landlords MUST improve on how they keep residents informed - people can totally agree with "there's no point in contacting them; they'll do nothing about it". More must be done to stop this. Landlords must stop using jargon and use plain english.

    Customer Service - staff should all treat residents the same, with one single point of contact instead of having to relay everything to someone different everytime you have to phone.

    Housing Quality - all housing estates should be treated the same - stop favouring the `better' estates more than the `poorer' estates

    Value for money - people pay good monies for rent (those who do pay rent) but do not feel the money is used to the benefit of housing estates

    Repairs and maintenance - stop having workmen having to come back to repair works, good quality workmanship first visit, instead of needing follow ups to correct the problems. The appointment system excellent idea

    Estate management - housing officers should be seen in the estates. Renfrewshire Council should re-start the quarterly early action walkabouts with RTOs and Council Officials as these identified problems that had not been sorted or picked up on problems before they became too major

    Allocations - system wrong - landlords need to look at where and how they are putting into their housing stock. Too much prioritty given to medical/homeless residents and good quality family homes going to wrong kind of resident. Also `under occupation' a major issue in some areas and this needs to be addressed.

    Homelessness/tenancy support - landlords need to help homeless people and vulnerable tenants to ensure that areas do not suffer and that the vulnerable residents are given all the help they need to help them adjust

    Anti-social behaviour - a major issue and concern, especially in housing estates. Parents or main tenant need to be help accountable more for the behaviour of the youths. Stronger and quicker action needs to be taken.

    Transparency - residents needs to see how their rent monies are being spent.

    Supply of affordable houses - many people suffer due to lack of affordable homes. The idea of a probationary tenancy is great one

    Landlords need to listen to the needs of their residents rather than imposing what they want to do themselves. Folks in Communities know better than many pen pushers

    Much more recognition of the role of RTOs in communities is needed. The state of worthlessness needs to be stopped. More control, as mentioned previously, as Community Councils have

    Trust these hurried comments from our Group help



    From, Tenant - 13/05/2011
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    As the suggestion is for a single set of outcomes, would it then be advantageous to have a common tool for measuring these outcomes? For example a standard satisfaction survey with the flexibility to include additional questions to capture local arrangements.

    A single measurement would increase transparency and efficiency, whilst enhancing the opportunity for benchmarking.

    The service users/customers would then have the opportunity to measure each landlord's outcome performance comparably with others.

    It would be interesting to hear what others think?

    From Development Officer, Housing professional - 23/03/2011
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    I have just read the discussion paper.
    My first observation is that the examples of outcomes given are all areas where we are regulated under the present system and I don't see how the Charter will change very much in either our regulation or our desire to improve our service to customers. Good practice guides already cover all of these areas.

    My second observation is that most of the suggested outcomes are self evident.

    I would still like to see the Scottish Government be clear on who social housing is for. Is it part of our welfare state where people access when they need it and then move on or is it a tenure that we want people to aspire to and stay in for life? I suppose these issues are for the "Fresh Thinking/New Ideas " consultation rather than the social housing charter but it is important in managing customer expectations in future.

    The outcome on anti social behaviour is of great importance to customers and most will want firm action from landlords on enforcement of tenancy conditions. However, a growing proportion of the customers who cause the anti social behaviour are themselves vulnerable and come from very difficult backgrounds. Enforcing tenancy conditions can lead to eviction or abandonment which perpetuates the cycle of homelessness. Housing the Homeless is already a government priority so the proportion of vulnerable tenants being housed will increase and so the cycle continues.

    Serious consideration should be given to expanding the use of short tenancies with support. This would give existing customers some comfort that, should a new tenant fail to show that they are able to meet their tenancy conditions, the landlord can act quickly to remove them from the property. Finding the support will be difficult in the current climate, however, this is vital to starting a tenancy well and sustaining a tenancy which is what we are striving for.

    Value for money and efficiency means we should collect more of our rental income and our customers who do pay rent are very keen that we take action against those who don't. The move to a Universal Credit, which is a good idea, will create difficulties for landlords used to receiving over 50% of their income directly from Councils through HB. Giving customers choice about how they spend their benefit will lead to higher arrears and either more evictions or less efficient organisations.

    The Charter is self evident, the challenge of meeting it is tough!

    Posted on behalf of -

    Sandy Welsh
    Head Of Housing Services
    Castle Rock Edinvar Housing Association

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division (admin) - 28/02/2011
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