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    [Submitted by Bill Gibson]

    For the people of Scotland to be given the opportunity at this time to become involved in the shaping of any future Governmental legislation displays a genuine desire by a Government to engage more closely with its populous. Whilst this is most welcomed any subsequent outcome will only be successful provided that all aspects of the new proposals are both clear and are fully understood by everyone of whom it will involve.

    The need for an Independent Scottish Housing Regulator and the Charter is now essential as the direct result of Local Councils, ( Social Landlords) Housing Associations and private landlords whereby in the past they have been consistently failing to understand, or take notice of the basic needs and aspirations of the tenants and residents domicile within their communities. (Their Customers)

    As Secretary of my local Drongan Tenants and Residents Association and EC member of East Ayrshire Tenants Residents Federation I Have been fortunate to have attended many of the discussion seminars on Social Housing and do agree that the published draft booklet is thorough and wide ranging and covers many of the points that should be included in the Charter.

    However whilst I am aware of some of the default penalties that the Regulator will be able to impose on Housing Associations and the private landlords, as yet I see no clear indication as to how the Regulator intends to enforce stringent compliance by the local County Councils.

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division - 24/05/2011
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    Tenants and landlord should agree the report to the Regulator, not tick boxes.
    If tenants are not shown the report till it is completed, will Landlord alter the Report at the behest of Tenants or will Tenants have to put in a Report with their objections.
    In many of the outcomes the word "content" should be replaced by 'satisfied'. Content is not strong enough.

    Even though the Regulator is independent, "they must have teeth".

    There was a serious problem in our area whch could not be resolved by staff from the Scottish Government Housing Division. Tenants must be able to directly approach the Regulator, not to have to go through lower staff, a 'middleman' or the Ombudsman or the Audit Commission before getting access to the Regulator. Tenants must be able to get action quickly, not months or years down the line.

    Accountability is extremely important.

    Landlords must have a dedicated TP Officer to work with and support tenants.

    From Anne T. Cameron, Tenant - 14/04/2011
    Tagged as: customer participation, self-assessment, regulator

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