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    [Submitted by Cait Ni Cadlaig by email]

    I have attended previous sessions and also contributed by internet.
    I am also disabled and well educated I have a BA (Hons) and I have studied post grad Law as well as being a photojournalist and a tutor in local communities with vulnerable children.

    I point the above out as disabled people are often considered as stupid or under educated (stereotype) I am quite the opposite. I am also still continuing with my education in History.

    I had intended to apply as a disabled co-optee but I have been extremely ill again so I ran out of time.

    I am a tenant of Edinburgh council because of my disability on a tiny ground floor flat.

    I want to say thank you for the opportunity to pass on my views formed from experience and from speaking to people in my community /neighbourhood.

    I intend to comment briefly on most if not all areas as I continue along.


    I would say that from the customer participation that I took part in, there was little if any knowledge of disability awareness or interest in some cases.

    I found myself arguing that which I had argued 20 years previously in relation local authority workplace and also housing needs. ( I did achieve certain success)
    Scotland, for whatever reason is not disability aware and if it is see people who want 'reasonable adjustment': as the law says as general nuisances.

    Eventually people did listen but it took some time to convince them. (They were able bodied!)

    From Ian Spence, Social Housing Division (admin) - 3/03/2011
    Tagged as: tenant participation

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