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The Housing (Scotland) Act 2010 requires Ministers to consult on and then set the outcomes that social landlords should be achieving. The document which sets out these outcomes is the Scottish Social Housing Charter.

The Scottish Housing Regulator will use the Charter as the framework for monitoring and assessing a landlord's performance. It will publish performance reports and will be able to set performance improvement targets.


What the Charter looks like

The Charter sets out a series of outcomes covering a range of topics:

The customer/landlord relationship

Housing quality and maintenance

Neighbourhood and community

Access to housing and support

Getting good value from rents and service charges

Other customers

How can I join the conversation?

Please register on the site and join the conversation.  It won't take long, and you'll be able to join the community, post responses, comment on the responses of others, and discuss the Charter with Scottish Government officials, tenant representatives, housing professionals, and others with an interest in social housing.

Are there any posting guidelines?

When you post a comment, others can click 'I like this response' to show that they agree with what you've said.

We want to encourage you to talk about all aspects of the Charter.  Other people can then join the conversation by commenting on your response, and can vote to support you.

Try not to make your response too long. People are more likely to read and comment on shorter, to-the-point responses. We don't edit responses, so your suggestion will appear as you write it.

Do I have other options?

If you feel that you do not want to register, you can click the "I like this response" button to show that you agree with someone else's thoughts.

Or you can contact us on Twitter

Can I be involved in other ways?

Many tenants are already involved in tenant participation. There are around 670 Registered Tenant Organisations throughout Scotland. They are grouped into 9 Regional Networks, and have their own website at

However, not everyone is involved in tenant participation. We hope that some visitors to this site will be inspired to become involved.

You may want to join an existing group, or you may want to think about establishing a new tenant organisation in your neighbourhood.

What are the benefits of tenant participation?

Tenant participation is a way for tenants and landlords to share information, ideas and power to improve the standard of housing conditions and services. Tenants now have the right to be consulted and to participate in this way.

Effective participation benefits both tenants and landlords. It gives tenants an opportunity to influence decisions about the housing service that they receive. And it gives landlords better links to the community and the opportunity to carry out partnership working.

The introduction of the  Housing (Scotland) Act 2001 created a legal requirement for landlords to actively develop and support tenant participation. All Registered Social Landlords (RSLs) and local authorities in Scotland must have a tenant participation strategy which ultimately will enable "continuous improvement in landlords performance in supporting and enabling tenants to participate".

The links at the side of this page will tell you more about the Scottish Government's support for tenant participation, and how you can become involved.