Eighth roadshow event at Dundee

Event number 8 took place in Dundee on Thursday, 14 October.  Thank you to our hosts Dundee City Council for the warm welcome and thank you to all who took part.  Tenants, landlord staff, RSL Board members and Councillors were able to discuss their ideas for the Housing Charter.

In your groups you said that a good landlord should:

  • Be accessible and approachable
  • Provide good customer service
  • Employ well informed, polite staff who listen to tenants - equally you said that staff should be treated with respect by tenants
  • Use plain language
  • Be tenant focused
  • Provide tenants with a single point of contact - get rid of the "that's not my job" attitude
  • Operate effective complaints procedures
  • Consult to ensure that tenant and resident views are taken into account when the landlord is planning how services are to be delivered
  • Involve tenants in monitoring services
  • Provide information on performance
  • Involve tenants in all areas of their work
  • Help to build "good communities", including developing Neighbourhood Agreements to improve community cohesion
  • Involve local people in planning and running community festivals/celebration events
  • Have good communication systems in place - engage with the community - give feedback - consider new ways of communicating to encourage wider tenant involvement
  • Be a source of information for tenants, including benefits and financial advice
  • Work with other agencies and Departments, e.g. Roads, Parks, Social Work
  • Provide energy efficient homes which meet modern standards - SHQS minimum
  • Ensure a good quality relet standard
  • Provide a responsive, efficient repairs service with an appointments system, which meets agreed standards and aims for a first time fix
  • Undertake regular estate management walkabouts to ensure that stairs, common areas, landscaping, etc. are in a clean and tidy condition
  • Provide Value for Money
  • Ensure tenants' safety and security, including providing where appropriate, door entry systems, community wardens and promoting Community Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups and events
  • Ensure that allocations are fair, flexible, transparent and sensitive
  • Operate a common housing register
  • Ensure that tenants know what their responsibilities are
  • Ensure that tenants meet their tenancy obligations and take enforcement action where necessary
  • Tackle anti social behaviour, from noisy laminate flooring to drug dealing, taking a multi agency approach
  • Be firm but fair
  • Provide support to vulnerable households to help them sustain their tenancies
  • Offer a range of methods to pay rent
  • Undertake tenancy sustainment classes for young people in schools


If you were at the event and think we've missed something, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.


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