Eleventh roadshow event at Edinburgh

We entered the home stretch when our eleventh Charter roadshow event took place in Edinburgh City Chambers on Saturday 6 November. A lovely autumn morning gave way to a dreich and soggy Edinburgh by going home time.

We'd like to thank City of Edinburgh Council for hosting the event, and all those who gave up a Saturday to come and talk to us about the Charter.

You said to us that a good housing service should -


  • Provide a safe secure home and play its part in creating a safe secure neighbourhood
  • Deliver value for money and transparency of accounting
  • Ensure information is given in plain English and is suited to the needs of the target audience, with alternative formats available (community languages, audio copies, Braille etc)
  • Support new tenants so that they can sustain their tenancy
  • Talk to and listen to tenants, clearly explaining its decisions
  • House tenants in accommodation that is appropriate to their needs
  • Deal effectively with anti-social behaviour
  • Have a clear and understandable complaints system
  • Have a prompt, responsive and efficient repairs service
  • Have an effective rent collection and debt advice service, with early intervention so that tenants can keep their homes
  • Measure itself against other landlords throughout the UK
  • Have friendly, knowledgeable staff who take ownership of issues to reduce the number of hand-offs
  • Ensure that its properties meet the 2015 Scottish Housing Quality Standard 
  • Offer high quality accommodation, designed well from the ground up, with good standard of insulation, sound proofing and amenities
  • Have a well-planned maintenance and upgrade programme
  • Empower tenants to participate in shaping services and setting priorities
  • Have a wide-ranging communications strategy, covering everything from traditional doorstep interaction to new technology.  At the same time, keep things simple - no need for expensive glossy magazines
  • Equal opportunities  - everyone should be treated equally and have access to information/services to meet individual needs
  • Tenant participation should run throughout the landlord services and be open and transparent - not tokenistic


Delegates also suggested that the term 'social housing' should be changed as it has negative connotations. This will be a future Talking Point on the website. In the meantime, see what's already been said on the subject.

If you were at the event and think we've missed something, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.

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  1.  Having had some time to reflect on the issues which are important to address in terms of changing culture. I feel that an important element which would help to enable change in culture both from a tenant and landlord perspective is to enable tenants and workers to access training together. As anyone who has experience of training and events attendance knows a lot of the benefit of involvement in these resources come from the contact and networking that goes on both during and in the breaks. This kind of joint working would, I believe, help to break down the historical differences between worker and tenant and help engender a more collaborative relationship focused on positive outcomes to issues faced.

    Matthew Wheatley, edinburgh, Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 10:39:15 PM