Fifth roadshow event at Ayr

Roadshow number 5 took place in Ayr on Monday, 27 September. Thank you to our hosts, South Ayrshire Council and to all who helped make it a successful and worthwhile day. We had a great turnout and we left with lots of material to help us develop the Charter. We hope that everyone who came along will go back to their local communities, spread the word and encourage others to get involved.

 In your workshops you said that a good landlord should:


  • Have good two way communication arrangements - build a good rapport with tenants - provide feedback when views/comments are received from tenants - ensure tenants are being heard and understood - be responsive to tenants - treat tenants with respect


  • Promote effective tenant participation - give tenants a menu of options to get involved - appoint a tenant participation officer (some of you suggested that this should be compulsory) - involve tenants in decision making


  • Provide good quality, well maintained accommodation


  • Ensure rents are affordable


  • Ensure good rent arrears management


  • Ensure that tenants are clear about their responsibilities and enforce tenancy agreements


  • Have effective policies to deal with anti-social behaviour


  • Ensure that the homelessness service provides support to help households sustain their tenancies where appropriate.


  • Provide a good quality repairs service - with repairs being carried out on time - an appointment system in place and first visit fix


  • Ensure housing officers are visible and visit estates regularly


  • Have effective estate management arrangements - ensuring gardens and the environment are kept in good condition - caretaking and cleaning services available


  • Run an efficient organisation -  achieve value for money across the housing service - have effective performance management arrangements - undertake joint procurement


  • Be a source of advice and up to date and relevant information


  • Be transparent in their accounting - in particular, the Housing Revenue Accounts of councils, should not be used for General Fund purposes


  • Ensure good interdepartmental communications


  • Provide security of tenure


If you would like to comment on any of the above topics, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.


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