Report of the first roadshow event at Inverness


Our first Roadshow took place in Inverness on Monday, 23 August, in the magnificent surroundings of the Town House. Many thanks to The Highland Council for hosting the event.

The morning session covered the Charter and people coped well with the challenge of starting from a 'blank sheet of paper'.  Thanks to you all for getting the whole thing off the ground. The afternoon was devoted to the Scottish Housing Regulator and how it will go about its business once established as an independent organisation.

Your suggestions for a good housing service included:

  • Well maintained, good quality, affordable homes which meet the SHQS 
  • Properties in a tidy condition at the point of allocation 
  • Tenant involvement in rent setting and planning how money will be spent 
  • Effective collection of rents 
  • Housing Revenue Account money not to be spent on non-tenant issues 
  • Tenant involvement in planning routine, planned and capital works 
  • Responsive services 
  • Good lines of communications, internally and externally 
  • Well trained staff who listen and are interested 
  • Explanations as to why things are being done in a particular way 
  • Landlord receptive to tenants' ideas 
  • Keeping tenants informed 
  • Good quality, clear, easy to understand information 
  • A sound framework to support tenants to avoid tenancy failures 
  • Tenants' responsibilities made clear and tenancy agreements enforced 
  • Sound methods and policies to deal with anti-social behaviour 
  • Safe and secure communities 
  • More "community" participation - not just tenants 
  • Partnership working between landlords in an area 
  • Tenant satisfaction


If you were at the event and think we've missed something, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.


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