Second roadshow event at Falkirk


The second roadshow took place in the Municipal Buildings in Falkirk on Thursday, 26 August. We're grateful to Falkirk Council for hosting the day.

We'd also like to thank everyone who attended and gave us the benefit of their knowledge and enthusiasm. Even after two events, the blank sheet of paper doesn't seem so blank - we're starting to collect some very useful material, and we're grateful to those who completed comments forms, giving us ideas to post on the website in advance of the launch.

Suggestions on what a good landlord should be delivering included:


  • Higher minimum standards for all services
  • Tenants/residents and other service users have increased influence in local decisions
  • Support to help people maintain their tenancies - for example, transitional tenancies for first-time tenants
  • Knowledgeable and polite housing officers who know the area and their tenants and take ownership of issues - named contacts - personalisation of service to suit diverse range of stakeholders
  • Value for money, cost efficient services that can demonstrate via a risk-based business plan that they have long-term viability
  • Active, effective, well-funded tenant participation
  • Work in partnership with other council departments and other landlords
  • Outcomes should not be too prescriptive in telling a landlord how to do things. Should be based around the things that tenants pay their rent for. Outcomes have to be realistic
  • Need to balance conflicting allocations needs of current tenants, those on waiting lists, and homeless people, although landlords must contribute to alleviation of homelessness
  • Quality of accommodation - SHQS is a given, energy efficiency is very important. Assets must be maintained at a level that protects the investment made in them, and developments should fit local aesthetics
  • Affordability - how do tenants rate the service they get for the amount that they pay?
  • Effective prevention and management of anti-social behaviour so that residents feel safe in their homes - measured response rather than trying quick-fixes
  • Quality of repairs - includes communication during the process, satisfactory workmanship, job completed at time to suit tenant - the focus is on the tenant and not the mechanics of the piece of work


If you were at the event and think we've missed something, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.


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