Seventh roadshow event at Paisley

Event number 7 took place in the Abercorn Centre at the Reid Kerr College in Paisley on Wednesday, 6 October.  Thank you to our hosts Renfrewshire Council and to all who participated.  We had another excellent turnout and a lively discussion.

You told us that a good landlord should:


  • Provide good quality, energy efficient housing suitable for tenants' needs
  • Provide a good quality repairs service which meets standards and timescales that have been agreed with tenants.  Jobs should be followed up to ensure that quality has been achieved.  Systems should be tailored to ensure that the tenant has a good customer experience (e.g. for multi-trade repairs)
  • Operate a reliable repairs appointments system which enables tenants to book times that are convenient to them
  • Employ polite and courteous staff
  • Operate a good quality, responsive customer care service - you said that it's helpful when tenants have a named member of staff they can speak to 
  • Have in place complaints procedures which aim to achieve satisfactory outcomes within reasonable timescales 
  • Agree minimum standards for all areas of the housing service
  • Offer fair, affordable rents
  • Ensure that tenants receive value for money for the rents they pay
  • Operate an allocations policy that is fair to the whole community - you said that the current perception is that homeless applicants always get priority and that the list for ordinary applicants is not moving
  • Ensure that the responsibilities of the tenant and the landlord are clearly spelled out and the landlord should enforce tenancy agreements
  • Have in place assessment procedures and provision for support for all new and vulnerable tenants, to help them sustain their tenancies and to encourage positive community relationships
  • Ensure that tenants are safe in and around their homes
  • Ensure estates are well maintained - undertake regular inspections
  • Provide estate wardens
  • Provide a quality environment which is clean, tidy and foul free with good lighting, no graffiti or vandalism.  There should be a feeling of security such that you would recommend the area to another person.  Open space should be child friendly, well designed with good traffic management
  • Take the views of tenants into consideration
  • Listen to outreach workers
  • Provide feedback to tenants on issues raised
  • Ensure proper consultation with tenants on policy issues that fundamentally affect them
  • Operate a flexible tenant participation policy - good communication and information - focus on what interests tenants
  • Signpost tenants to benefits to help prevent them falling into arrears
  • Be pro-active when dealing with rent arrears
  • Help to build sustainable communities
  • Ensure an effective, efficient response to anti-social behaviour
  • Work in partnership with other agencies to address anti social behaviour
  • Support tenants to seek resolution to/take action against anti-social behaviour
  • Not use the Housing Revenue Account to pay for General Fund responsibilities (council landlords)

If you were at the event and think we've missed something, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.


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