Sixth roadshow event at Glasgow

Event number 6 took place on Wednesday, 29 September in Glasgow City Chambers, a stunningly beautiful gem of a building (it's open to the public and well worth a visit if you're in the area).  Thank you to our hosts, Glasgow Housing Association and Glasgow City Council and to all the individuals who helped with the arrangements.

We had another great turnout and you told us that a good landlord should:


  • Be tenant focused


  • Provide a good quality, energy efficient home which meets the tenant's needs in terms of size and location


  • Operate a clear, plain English, allocations policy which balances wider housing need with the needs of the local community - you suggested that age restrictions can offer safety and security for some tenants


  • Provide support to vulnerable tenants to help reduce tenancy turnover


  • Promote the involvement of new tenants, particularly new migrants and refugees


  • Help to build local communities


  • Ensure tenants understand their tenancy agreements and enforce those agreements, so that tenants meet their responsibilities


  • Ensure a quick response to anti-social behaviour


  • Liaise well with other agencies, e.g. the police


  • Provide good quality front line services


  • Provide an efficient and effective repairs service


  • Maintain common and open spaces so that the environment is safe and clean (taking care that they are not doing other people's/organisation's work for them) - provide a stair cleaning service


  • Offer affordable rents - you reminded us that affordability is about more than rents, the cost of heating the home is also important


  • Have a good arrears recovery system


  • Be good at communicating with tenants and Registered Tenant Organisations - provide feedback to tenants on action being taken - provide consistent, reliable information - provide advice and support


  • Offer genuine tenant participation opportunities - listen to and involve tenants in improvement and development planning


  • Offer home owners in the area repayment options to enable them to take part in repairs and improvement programmes


  • Carry out regular checks on people's homes


  • Provide good value for money across the service


  • Be transparent around the letting of contracts and the terms of contracts, to ensure that contractors are mindful of tenants and tenants know what to expect


  • Undertake proper monitoring of contracted services, to ensure that the required standards are met


  • Be mindful of tenants with disabilities, talk to them and understand their needs - don't have workmen arriving without notice - have a housing representative on site during major works


  • Operate effective complaints handling procedures

If you were at the event and think we've missed something, or if you have any additional suggestions, join the online conversation or download a comments form and send it to us by email or post.

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