We welcome the Housing Charter as we feel this will help benefit our membership and the work we do and the work of the housing provider and look forward to the Housing Charter’s introduction and development.
The satisfaction of outcomes, Petra feels that landlords may not be able to collate all the results together with in all the outcomes, this having an adverse reaction on the quality of services provided. One customer’s expectations may be a lot higher or lower than another person’s.
By removing the customer satisfaction "wording" and a good independant monitoring system across the board should be put in place that allows the landlord to provide good quality services and have the outcomes and customer satisfaction levels independently monitored that doesn’t incur high costs to recruit extra staff levels to monitor and collate the customer satisfaction and will give landlords the ability to focus on and achieve good quality services across the board.whilest increesing the customer satisfaction with the services that are of good quality and good value for money.

The charter should strike a balance between what customers expect and what landlords can effectively provide and this giving the levels, guidelines and out comes that customers are satisfied with and that landlords can achieve to provide the good quality services and housing that customers need and can be proud to live.

It needs to be clear on the face of the Charter or in accompanying notes that tenants must be involved in all landlord self-assessments.
To measure satisfaction of customers we would welcome tenant / customer inspections and consultation / scrutinising landlord to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services and housing provided.

From russell easton - , 25/10/2011 Tagged as: satisfaction, self-assessment

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