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    One of the major causes of homelessness is mental health problems / disabilities and yet there is no mention of mental health in the draft document. Mental health championing is very much in its infants and falls way behind Learning Disabilities and yet Scotland is very much into following and encouraging people with mental health disabilities into "Recovery".

    There is no denying that mental health is still heavily stigmatised and people with mental health disabilities also need help to be included if stigmatising and exclusion are to be ended.

    From Marilyne Ruth Kubath, Tenant - 27/08/2011
    Tagged as: homelessness, mental health


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    Is there any outcomes in the charter that focus on Homeless Prevention? This is different from tenancy sustainment in the sense that prevention work may be done to stop a young person leaving home etc. At present, we aim for our prevention officer to contact every client who is referred to our homeless service in the first instance.

    From Development Officer, Housing professional - 18/08/2011
    Tagged as: homelessness

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