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    I cannot for the life of me see where the concern is about red tape/beaurocracy re the Charter outcomes. Good quality services provided by existing landlords will not be up for question. What is disappointing is that the SHR sees fit not to run with the Scottish Government on the Charter, to clarify its position about performance measurement.
    However, if landlords consult with tenants on setting targets in their processes in acheiving outcomes, then their ought to be no questions from tenants on the level of performance as tenants have been party to setting the performance. Lest we forget the SHR is not interested in the processes but the performance measurement. It is to this we should discuss with tenants/landlords.
    Doing this as Ive outlined will NOT result in more red tape! What are we afraid of?

    From hugh mcclung, Tenant - 3/08/2011
    Tagged as: red tape