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    I am high priority medical for a bottom flat with my RSL and yet they publish a 19% annual allocation for general transfer list and a 4% allocation on high priority medicals why not equal amount of turnover.
    This combined with 9 / 10 lists one with new amenity housing when i asked about it i was told it was for aged 55 and over so if you are in a worse condition and say 54 you are gubbed, i was also told it was only way they would get a grant which seems strange all round and i feel in breach of equality act and European human rights act.

    This combined with a 53% majority voting for demolition during transfer and being ignored and there refusal to make good reasonable requests under the Scottish housing bill and equality act given royal ascent in December 2010. I do not have faith that all previous neglect will be made good or reasonable requests by disabled tenants are being carried out. It is about time a blind survey was carried out on transferred tenants to gauge a more realistic view on RSLs and transferred tenants.

    From Alan Parker, Tenant - 29/11/2011
    Tagged as: allocations, stock transfer

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